Vineyard Management

Wayne Morrow and his team manage our company vineyards sustainably by utilising modern viticultural methods and techniques to ensure outstanding quality is achieved on a consistent basis.

We’re in the process of adopting a largely Biological approach to viticulture which focuses on soil health and positive microbial activity, balanced plant nutrition and minimal inputs. We do as much as possible to guide the vines, without boosting them, so they develop naturally in their terroir.
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Our winery and vineyards are sustainably managed. This program is implemented with the aid of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand which is an arm of New Zealand Winegrowers. Sustainable Winegrowing allows us to measure our inputs and outputs and gives us information that helps us lessen our effect on the environment. It is every New Zealand wine producers aim to be a good environmental custodian and to tread as lightly as possible on our environment.
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