Our Vineyards

The Home Vineyard, Kumeu-Huapai, Auckland

Our Home Vineyard is sited on Otao silt loam over clay, known as ‘The Kumeu Clays’. It's a dry grown block, planted in 1980. Over the years we've trialled and carefully added grape varieties that perfrom well in the local climate and the block continues to be an important component in the vineyard mix. The vineyard is typically low yielding and is intensely managed for high quality.

Varieties planted: Pinot Gris (Classics), Merlot (for Classics Rose), Malbec and Montepulciano (both SV).
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Middle Road "Swamp" Vineyard, Havelock Hills, Hawkes Bay

The Middle Road site has Taupo Pumice sand over peat with limestone outcrops and is adjacent to a lime quarry (hence the name ‘Limeworks’ for our SV Chardonnay). The vineyard is on a north facing easy slope backing into Mt Erin Station on the Kohinurakau Range. It's very sheltered with extreme temperature variability and diurnal range over the growing season. The vines are all dry grown. It's been dubbed "Swamp" as it's the source of our best Chardonnay year after year. The original "Swamp Road Reserve" was grown on a site next to a marshy patch and the name stuck when we moved on.

Varieties planted: Chardonnay clones 95, Mendoza, Coopers Creek MS clone, (these for Swamp Reserve & Limeworks SV).

Chalk Ridge, Havelock Hills, Hawkes Bay

The "Chalk Ridge" vineyard runs down a 30 deg incline on a north facing slope. It's a very steep vineyard and is extremely difficult to work - too steep for a tractor, so we had to purchase a crawler. The soils are clay with large tracts of interspersed fossilised lime rock. The vines are close planted and intensely managed.
This is a very warm site relative to surrounding vineyards, allowing ideal ripeness to be achieved.

Varieties planted: Two thirds Syrah (SV & Classics) and the balance Viognier (SV).
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Highway 50, Ngatarawa Triangle, Hawkes Bay 

This exceptionally hot site for the region is on Takapau Silt Loam over Red Metal. It's a flat, irrigated site with a very constant soil type giving even, balanced growing conditions. Excellent for growing Bordeaux Red grapes, particularly Merlot. The vines are spur pruned and single cordon. We typically see low yields and small berries, with even ripening and full maturity at harvest.

Varieties planted: Syrah (40%), Merlot (35%), Malbec (20%), Cabernet Franc (5%), mainly SV wines, but also some Classics.
Omahu Rd, Gimblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay

The Gimblett Gravels are gaining cult status as an astonishingly strong site for Bordeaux style reds and Syrah. The soil types are mainly free-draining, infertile layers of stones and alluvial gravel with some interspersed silt. The vineyard is in an arid, very hot zone over the season, which is ideal for Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Vines are spur pruned, single cordon and necessarily irrigated.

Varieties planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot primarily for the SV wines, though some does feature in the Classics reds.
Dillon’s Point, Marlborough 
A prime site in the famed Marlborough region, our Dillon's Point Vineyard is a very flat vineyard which was purchased and planted in 2007. Located on very deep silt loams, above deep alluvial gravels. The vineyard is in the Lower Wairau region, which is sought after for its good soil and growing conditions, influenced by the moderating sea breezes over the growing season.
Varieties planted: Sauvignon Blanc (for SV).
Our Vineyard Partners

We're very fortunate to be working with a group of exceptional growers, many of whom have been supplying Coopers Creek for decades. Some of our growers are also minor shareholders in the winery, which strengthens the partnership.

In Gisborne, Doug & Delwyn Bell offer exceptional attention to detail and a dedication to establishing new varieties including Viognier, Arneis, Marsanne and Albariño.  
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In Marlborough we partner with Ian & Donna Anderson in the Brancott Valley, our original grower in Marlborough, providing Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris; Ken & Libby Praine providing Dijon clone Pinot Noir; Alan & Petrina Shutkowski - Sauvignon Blanc at Dillons Pt; Grant Coles at Spring Creek supplying Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling; and Ben and Bruce Mclauchlan with Sauvignon Blanc at Rapaura.


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