First Ever Gold for our Rosé!

We're delighted to have been awarded a Gold Medal for our Huapai Rosé 2014 by the Spiegelau International Wine Competition, held last week in Marlborough. 
We make a Rosé from our home vineyard when conditions are right and the last two seasons were close to perfect.

For 2014 we approached the task in the vineyard by managing and cropping the Malbec and Merlot as if they were white varieties; picking at lower brix and higher acidity than usual. The assemblage is around 60% Malbec, with the balance Merlot. 

The summer was long, warm and dry and at harvest time the fruit was in delightful condition. We handpicked the fruit and it was whole-bunch pressed, with limited skin contact. This allowed us to achieve the lovely pale pink colour we sought. Tank fermentation followed and then an early bottling.

Rosés are usually best drunk when they are young and fresh. However, experience tells us that our Huapai Rosés age very well.
Huapai Rose new 100x377