2016 Summer Sunday Jazz - Band Schedule

2016 Summer Sunday Jazz
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10-Jan                                Blue Jaffas  
14-Jan                                Chris Mason-Battley Group
24-Jan                                Trudy Lile and Mojave
31-Jan                                Maria O'Flaherty & Ben Fernandez Quartet
7-Feb                                  Chris Mason-Battley Group
14-Feb                                 Blue Jaffas
21-Feb                                 Maria O'Flaherty & Ben Fernandez Quartet
28-Feb                                 Allana Goldsmith & Dave Fisher
6-Mar                                  Chris Mason-Battley Group
13-Mar                                Blue Jaffas  
20-Mar                                Trudy Lile and Mojave
27-Mar                                 Trudy Lile and Mojave
28-Mar                                 Maria O'Flaherty & Ben Fernandez Quartet

The Summer Sunday Jazz Bands
The Blue Jaffas                                                                                                                                 
This widely experienced quartet plays cool rhythms  that  blend flavours of Soul and Jazz with a sprinkling of the US South.  The Jaffas are : Keith Prictor…guitar & vocals, Rick Cotter…drums & vocals, Greg O’Donnell…bass & vocals, Mal Smith…keyboards.   Their song list is a mix of original tunes and Jaffa versions of selected favourites, with the focus always being on the heartbeat of the music.

Trudy Lile & Mojave                                                                                                
New Zealand born jazz flutist and vocalist Trudy Lile is well known to audiences around New Zealand jazz festivals, and has been a regular feature to Coopers Creek audiences.  Performing with her band Mojave who are considered some of New Zealand’s finest professional jazz musicians. The repertoire is a fresh, sophisticated and energetic blend of great things jazz and latin with a warm infectious groove delivered with cheek and wit!
Maria O’Flaherty & Ben Fernandez Quartet                 
Their repertoire stretches from lively renditions of jazz standards and a mix of bebop, blues, sambas, bossa novas and funk.  This polished band is full of energy and a highlight at many jazz festivals.  Featuring the  gorgeous tones of Maria O’Flaherty and keyboard virtuoso Ben Fernandez, accomplished bass player Russell McNaughton and solid time keeper Jason Orme on drums.

Chris Mason Battley Group                                                                                           
Fusing diverse influences from jazz-funk to world music, CMB Group creates innovative modern jazz with a distinctive New Zealand flavour. With 3 albums released to date, numerous performances at arts and music festivals and over 1 million downloads of their songs, CMB Group is one of New Zealand’s leading jazz groups.

Allana Goldsmith Group
This band plays a wide range of music from the 1930’s: Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald swing, to contemporary modern jazz styles including Miles Davis and Norah Jones.  Allana Goldsmith has a warm contralto voice that she uses with style and ease. Allana is a New Zealand Maori/European, her Iwi are Ngati Porou and Ngai Tai. She has written her own lyrics in Te Reo Maori to some jazz standards and is also composing her own tunes.