Winemaking Approach


Winemaking at Coopers Creek is the responsibiity of Simon Nunns, who together with his experienced and exacting cellar team crafts all the wines. 

Overall Objectives: To make the best wines possible, from the best varieties in the best regions.

Philosophy: To let the fruit do the talking. To craft wines with a sense of place, be it in a regional sense or in a vineyard sense. To intervene lightly and only when necessary.

Team Overview: Winemaker, supported by two Assistant Winemakers in Nigel Wright and Louise Louw, a Lab Technician (Kitty Richardson), A bottling team of five, three cellarhands and a warehouse team of two. We make our wines in a modern facility located in Huapai. All wine is made on site, be it from grapes transported to site or from grapes juiced out in the regions.